New Insights In Real-world Tactics For Skin Care

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(It can be argued that the two events come with pretty similar guidelines.) However, thanks to handheld devices like the Temptu Air ($195; ), the intimidating method just got a lot easier. Since the tool is cordless and no larger than a travel hairdryer, maneuvering it over the parts of your face that need extra love isn't too hard a task--just pick the right color of foundation, and zero in on those aforementioned areas. "The beauty of airbrushing is that you can really achieve any level of intensity you want with one product, from tinted moisturizer to full-coverage," says Jackie Fan, the brand's head of artistry understanding and education. "You can build the product in sheer layers, so just remember that less is more." View photos RELATED: How to Do Your Own Wedding Makeup Prep your skin as you typically would with the appropriate moisturizers and primers (if any), then position the device roughly 4 to 5 inches away from your face. Once you pull the trigger, you'll feel a soft mist coming from the machine. That's the airbrush foundation working its magic. "There's no need to blend manually. Start with areas you want to even out first like blemishes, hyperpigmentation, or redness," Fan explains. "You can conceal by placing the device 1 inch or less from your face, then pull the trigger to spot-treat. For a broader application, it should be 4 to 5 inches away, and move in a circular motion." It's easy for the IRL Photoshop effect to mesmerize you, so make sure you don't over-apply, and stop periodically to observe the state of your skin. Although the option to airbrush on your blush and bronzer is there, powder formulas also work just fine, provided you blend carefully to keep the effect seamless.

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